Update Azure Automation PS Modules at once

Microsoft Azure

Update 19/02/2017

Microsoft has now introduced a new button which updates all modules for you, very easy as shown on the screenshot:



-== Outdated ==-

Now if any of you use Azure Automation you know that updating the Powershell Modules is a pain as they require dependency to be installed first.This can easily take you a whole day to do by hand. However there is a very easy way to this.

The way to update them all including dependency is to run the json template for the AzureRM module. You can find the deploy to azure button and the lates version here: https://www.powershellgallery.com/packages/AzureRM/. All you need to do is chose the subscription, resource and your automation account.

Please note that the file currently does not include all regions and as such you may need to do it manually as described below:

You may need to modify it as the file does not include all regions where automation is available and will fail. You can use the code below to replace the json Automation Account Location section before you run the template:


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