AWS Solution Architect Professional Level Sample Exam Answers


AWS provides 6 preview questions to get a feel for the type of the questions presented in the exam, however they do not provide answers.

The sample questions can be downloaded from here:

Answers as follows:

Question 1: A) Deploy the Oracle database and the JBoss app server on EC2. Restore the RMAN Oracle backups from Amazon S3. Generate an EBS volume of static content from the Storage Gateway and attach it to the JBoss EC2 server.

Question 2: C) Take hourly DB backups to Amazon S3, with transaction logs stored in S3 every 5 minutes.

Question 3: B) Register the application with a Web Identity Provider like Amazon, Google, or Facebook, create an IAM role for that provider, and set up permissions for the IAM role to allow S3 gets and DynamoDB puts. You serve your mobile application out of an S3 bucket enabled as a web site. Your client updates DynamoDB.

Question 4: D) Use Elastic Load Balancing to distribute traffic to a set of web servers. Configure the load balancer to perform TCP load balancing, use an AWS CloudHSM to perform the SSL transactions, and write your web server logs to an ephemeral volume that has been encrypted using a randomly generated AES key.

Question 5: D) Configure an SSL VPN solution in a public subnet of your VPC, then install and configure SSL VPN client software on all user computers. Create a private subnet in your VPC and place your application servers in it.

Question 6: B) Sync the application data to Amazon S3 starting a week before the migration, on Friday morning perform a final sync, and copy the entire data set to your AWS file server after the sync completes.




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  1. Question 4… your answer D is incorrect (I believe). Ephemeral volumes (or instance store volumes) are in fact ephemeral meaning “lasting for a very short time”. They go away when the instance is terminated. The correct answer to this question is C.

  2. I too believe question 4 is C .. I also think some of teh other answers are wrong .. please confirm the correct answers with AWS or remove this post

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