Cooler Master Aquagate Max – Pump Replacement


For those of you lucky enough to have brought a water-cooling kit back in the day (2008 :D) when there where just a few choices and prices where very high you probably heard of Cooler Master Aquagate Max. Or if you where lucky enough you actually got one of these bad boys:


Well after 8 years of continues operation cooling a Q9550 + GTX 260 and later on an i7 4790K + GTX 970 the water pump has finally given up and called it quits. I have to say i was very impressed with this product and regard it as one of the best pc purchases i have ever made. Lets face it 8 years of operation and being probably the only part i haven’t upgraded over the years it has stood the test of time and it’s a real shame it’s was discontinued. I never imagined it would last this long and by now i expected it to either leak and destroy my pc or brake.

So i had two options either buy a new kit or replace the pump, i decided to go with option two (because i am sentimental). In this article i will go over what you need while the chances of this article actually helping someone are very remote some might find it interesting.

jingway-dp-600So obviously the best option is to buy a direct replacement, the original kit is powered by a S-Type Jingway DP-600 which delivers 520L/H which is very quiet and long lasting :D. The good news is the company still operates and you can buy the pump, now me being me i couldn’t wait for the shipping from china given my computer was out of action and decided to do this the hard way and get a different pump.




After some searching i found out that the Phobya series are the best replacement and there is a good reason for this, it seems it’s either a sister company or they have brought the designs from jingway. Now if you want a perfect fit go for the Phobya DC12-220 (400 l/h), which will fit nicely in the gap i however decided to go for the more powerful model the Phobya DC12-400 (800 l/h). One note to make is that i am not entirely happy with the Phobya DC12-400, it does cause a few vibrations and being in the metal case produces a lot of noise at 100% power, so much so that i decided to plug it into the mother board and run it only at 50%. At this speed you can’t hear the pump at all and still keeps the temperature quite low. One very important note you will also need to purchase two G1/2″ to 3/8″ Barb Fitting, do not make the mistake of getting G1/4, while the tubing on the outside is 1/4 the tubes used inside the box are actually 1/2. Don’t worry if you make that mistake as i did 😀 you can stretch a 1/4 tube and get it to fit as show later in the photos, i was lucky enough to have one spare G1/2″ to 3/8″ Barb Fitting so only need to stretch one tube the clear one.







2 thoughts on “Cooler Master Aquagate Max – Pump Replacement

  1. Super sweet! I am just now repairing my aqua-gate max. the res fell to pieces… so hard to find any info on these now. had mine since new in a cosmos s case. one weird question. you still got the software for these?

    1. Hello Adam,

      I am glad this article helped someone, as for the software unfortunately not. When i had window 7 i used the Nvidia system monitor to connect to the device and get stats like temp and pump RPM but since i got Windows 10 this no longer works :(.


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