Catching Azure Automation Child runbook Errors

Microsoft Azure

Today I had a very fun time trying to figure out where errors were coming from my child runbook when it ran fine on it’s own. Its seems Microsoft error handling from inline calls to child runbooks is a bit buggy and cost me a day of looking through working code to figure out the problem. It reports weird errors out of which not all are actually true or correct. You may get errors like:

If you do look at the code the foreach/if loop error is referring to as the problem is most likely coming from a function or a method inside the loop. I found deleting (not commenting as it doesn’t work) all code below the if statement or foreach loop gives a better and more precise message exactly where the error is coming from.

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  1. Thanks this helped a lot. I was also wrecking my brain trying to solve a problem in the error message that was completely unrelated in the end.

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