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Before you can use your domain with G Suite/Google Cloud, you need to verify that you own it. This can be achieved simply by adding a txt verification record to your domain’s settings. Although Google do provide instructions for a lot of DNS providers such as AWS, GoDaddy etc…However I did notice that Azure was not included in this list.

For convenience I have outlined steps below if you are using Azure to manage the DNS Zone.

Get Verification Code

  1. Open a new browser window or tab, and sign in to your Google Admin console.
  2. Select the option to Verify Domain.
  3. Select Other from the provider list
  4. Select the Add a domain host record (TXT or CNAME) verification method.
  5. Copy the complete contents of the Value/Answer/Destination field. The contents should have “google-site-verification=” at the beginning. This is the verification record that you will submit to your domain host.

Add Verification Record to Azure DNS

  1. Open a new browser window or tab, and sign in to your Azure Portal.
  2. Open up DNS Zones
  3. Select the Domain
  4. Click add Record Set
  5. It will already prefix with your domain, so either leave blank or use @. However if you are using a subdomain enter the subdomain such as Although the @ should cover the complete domain, I noticed the google verification process was looking for the exact subdomain record
  6. Select TXT from the Type dropdown
  7. Leave TTL as 1 Hour
  8. In the Value field paste the google site verification string
  9. Click Ok to create the record

Now return back to google and finish the verification process. It may take up to 72hr for some changes to take effect.

Using nslookup, you can verify to see if the TXT record is returned.

From command prompt:

set type=txt




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