OMS and Power BI Integration Schedule

Microsoft Azure

This is more of a gotcha than anything else but when you’re setting up a schedule to export OMS queries/logs to Power BI please be aware that the initial schedule you setup will also be the historical data it retrieves. What I mean by that is, if I setup a schedule for 24 hours (which is currently the max) in its initial sync it will export the data from that point back 24 hours. So don’t be surprised if you only have the last x amount of data, once the schedule is running it will keep exporting every x hours or minute whatever you have setup so your data over time will grow beyond the schedule you initially setup.

This does raise some concerns and questions:

  • What happens if the sync fails, most likely you will lose some data and it will not be consistent
  • How do I export all the data and sync I? For the moment you can export it to CSV and then import it in PowerBI.
  • You could cheat and set a schedule for 24 hours let it sync and then change it to an hour, this will at least get you the 24 hours rather than just an hour of historical data
  • Is this going to change as this feature is still in preview?

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